Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Comics Journal Review

There's a brief review of my comic Moral Geometry #1 written by Rob Clough on the Comics Journal website. Here's the link and review:


"Moral Geometry, by Sean Andress. To use the word “visceral” to describe this relentless stream of body-horror images would be an understatement. In a series of brief vignettes that touch on birth, death, and disease, Andress creates chills by inverting the possibility of human intimacy as a series of predatory and cannibalistic encounters. The final story, “Rubber Face”, takes this idea to a new extreme, as a rubber-masked figure first acts as the bus passenger from hell as he relates a disgusting story, only to see the old woman he sat next to pull out a gun, kill him, and transform into a destructive monster. The story and issue end on a note of fiery nihilism, and the swirling, blotchy images make this a ride that is difficult to forget."

Thanks Rob for taking the time to review my work. If anyone is interested, you can buy Moral Geometry #1 for $3.00, with free shipping, directly from me, or at www.SeanAndress.Etsy.com or on ebay under my user name: AndressArts. Issue 2 is finished and should be printed up in Oct.

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