Monday, March 8, 2010


This is a recent quick sketch (click to enlarge) I did in my sketchbook. I am a compulsive sketcher. Is "sketcher" a word? Hmmm. Anyhoot, I have an almost compulsive drive to constantly be sketching. Some good and mostly bad ideas come from such exercises. This particular sketch makes me think of some of the poses Francis Bacon put many of his subjects in.


  1. This is an ugly guy - but he looks very confident within his ugliness, however - he seems to be wanting to be somewhere else - there is an urgency to him, but on the other flipside he is sitting comfortably - very strange that you can do that Sean - wow.There is horse elements to this drawing - like hooves - on his hands - and on the stool he is sitting on - again - he wants to gallop.

  2. LOVE your thoughts on this! Thanks so much for writing! Your insights are great. I love how people will see things that I never the horse hooves. That never entered my mind when I drew him.