Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Comic Page

Above is a recent page from a new comic I've been working on. The comic is about an old-time circus parade. This page shows some of the characters warming up before the parade. The comic, in the end, will be hopefully 32 pages in length (I have about 9 pages finished). No dialogue in the story, just visuals. Influences for this project is the writing of Ray Bradbury and the classic film Freaks by Todd Browning.


  1. 1) - The Clown - You can feel his misery - he looks drugged up to the eye balls - We are saying - hes a clown for doing drugs - or he is saying Im a clown for doing drugs. \this is showing you the real Clown - dpressed and gloomy before going on stage - vibrant and happy - we all put on acts.

    2)The Elephant Man - the original Freak - he looks hideous - but very confident in his walk - he is walking tall.

    3) The Balancing Act - I wouldnt fancy being on the bottom of the pile heap - v heavy haha - the chain of society - from the low life bug - wherby people stand on him - the higher up the chain - the more happier you are.

  2. Great that you picked up on the elephant man appearance. And your thoughts/interpretations are excellent. The fact that you can articulate, in words, how you're seeing this stuff is very rewarding for me. Mostly I get people saying, "oh that's cool" or "that's weird", and that's it which can be boring and blah. Thanks for chiming in with such interesting observations.